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We want to help put you in contact with the best matching interior designer, who can turn your vision into reality!


What We Do

At North Interior Design, we believe in putting people in connection with designers who we believe are some of the best in the business, but can work with you at your budget. We’ve seen cases where a client and designer are not a good match for each other, whether in style, experience, or their budget and it isn’t always pretty. We’ve made connections with people we love to work with, and we think you will too!

How It Works

If you’re looking to find an interior designer for your project, whether it’s interior design in your home, decorating or staging a property, or commercial design for your business, we can help by recommending a designer that will excel at executing your project. Using our form on our “Find a Designer” page, enter a few basic details about your project and your contact information, and we will look it over and recommend a fantastic designer for you!

Our Team

At North Interior Design, we’re active in the design community and have developed our contacts in the space. Our team, based out of Montreal, Quebec, stays on the forefront of design and develops relationships with top designers in each area where we’re active.  We love going to check out the latest from designers in local shops like ‘Design Within Reach’ and ‘Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’. We’re also big believers in social media and design websites like Houzz where we can track new designers and up-and-comers that are shaking up the design space!

We work with some of the best Interior Designers in Canada

Our Recommended Interior Designers

We know how difficult it can be to find a great interior designer. It can mean hours on google researching designers in your area, checking their websites, portfolio, reviews and more, and you still may not have a good idea of who would be the best choice for you. Often it can take a phone call, or meeting someone in person to realize whether they are a great fit or not for you. And many designers may charge you for an initial consultation which you won’t get refunded if you decide not to use their services.

We have a select portfolio of designers that we choose to work with due to their incredible talents, work ethic, and communication skills that mean they get rave reviews from current and previous clients. Based on the information you provide us, the designer’s work-load, and budget you specified, we’ll put you in contact with a designer ready to take your project on!

Interior Design in Montreal, Quebec

Montreal has an amazing history of incredible architecture and interior design, and you only need to wander around the city a little or head down to Old Montreal to realize it.

You’ll have no trouble finding a designer in Montreal ready to take on your vision, and when you do, you will have no shortage of great designers and shops in the area from which to find great pieces for your home. Not only are there larger franchises in Montreal like Structube and Mobilia, but also many smaller, boutique designers with items you’ll never find anywhere else!

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