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Great interior design for your business can increase sales, attract and keep more customers, and help to build your brand!

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Types of Commercial Interior Design

Businesses of all types can benefit from interior design. Whether you need to design or furnish an office space, create a welcoming and contemporary dining room in a restaurant, design a slick retail space, or renovate a condominium or hotel, an experienced commercial interior designer can ‘wow’ both you and your customers and create a truly unforgettable space.

Commercial Architecture & Project Management

If you’re looking to plan or develop a new retail location, or need a development project managed, a good commercial designer can assist you throughout the entire process. They’ll help you design a gorgeous space and coordinate with suppliers and contractors to get your project completed on budget and in a timely fashion.

Why hire an Interior Designer for your Retail Location?

A designer can update the look and feel of your space to match the latest design trends. Even the oldest and most well known businesses occasionally have to update their branding and design. Design trends change over time, and with new construction methods and materials available, and older space will eventually begin to feel dated. Your customers or guests want to spend their time (and money) in a space they enjoy. If your business feels old or dated, it may be affecting your return customers or even your employees!

  • Create a more welcoming environment
  • Customers stay longer and spend more
  • More Return Business
  • Increase Social Media Buzz
  • Make the most of your available space
  • More Attractive Photos Online
  • Build Your Brand
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction

How Can Interior Design Improve my Sales or Profit?

Good design can completely make or break a business. Not only does it affect the look of your space, but also how your customers interact within it.

An easy example of how interior design can matter in your space is as follows: A café located close to a large university wants to attract more college students. With good interior design they can make the space more attractive with new trendy décor, additional power outlets, and a distinct color palette that encourages students to make the café one of their regular spots. Replanning the space and adding more bar seats for single customers will additionally encourage and support additional capacity at peak hours. This kind of makeover can be the catalyst to becoming a well-known name in the area, including increasing the business’s mentions and reach on social media!


Commercial Design Budgets

While the low end of budgets for commercial design are certainly higher than the minimum for a home design budget, there are still ways to improve your space without breaking the bank.

Your budget will greatly depend on the scale, or scope of your project. If you have a smaller business and only want to make décor and furniture type changes, this can be done more cheaply, whereas projects with detailed planning required, or any structural changes to your space, will require a much larger budget due to the complexities and timeframe needed.

If you want to improve your space but aren’t sure the budget necessary, be sure to contact us using our form to get in touch with an expert commercial designer who can look into your situation and provide you with a quote!

Great Examples of Commercial Design in Montreal, Quebec

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