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If you don’t have the full budget for an interior designer to make large changes or improvements to your home, interior decorating can be a more affordable option.

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What is Interior Decorating?

If you have an interior decorating project, a decorator would work with you to decide new fashionable or beautiful items to decorate the space you already have. The key difference here is that interior decorators do not design, they work within an already defined space. That means you won’t be making any physical changes to your home with an interior decorator, but can still improve the beauty of your space with items that give your home an attractive and cohesive look.

Interior Designer or Interior Decorator?

If you only want to furnish your space, you only need an interior decorator. A decorator is going to stick to decorating your space, and won’t look for, or be able to help with any permanent changes to your space. While an interior decorator may be a cheaper option, keep in mind that there is no requirement in Quebec or Montreal for an interior decorator in to go to school or undergo supervision by a licensed designer or architect before they can offer their services. That means that a decorator may not have as deep a knowledge of styles, color palettes, or other knowledge that could benefit your project.

How Does Interior Decorating Work?

An interior decorator will come to your space to get a feel for it and find out what you’re looking to change in your home. Once they have a feel for what you’re looking for, they’ll be able to go to work and prepare a presentation with the items they believe will work cohesively for the style you’re looking for, and the needs you have in your home. They may present multiple options so you have a wider variety of choices to pick between.

During this part of the process, it’ll be up to you to decide if you like the direction the designer or decorator is going in, and give them feedback.

Once you have approved all the items for your home, the orders will be placed and items can start arriving. If you like, most designers will give you the option to have everything set up on the same day for the kind of ‘transformation’ or ‘makeover’ you might see on a TV show. This can be a fun way to begin enjoying your new furnishings.

Why Hire an Interior Designer for my Interior Decorating?

The advantage of an interior designer is that, while they could be more expensive than a decorator, they have an education in design and have worked under a licensed designer or architect. While that may not seem like a big deal, when your project is completely in their hands, you don’t want to be less than satisfied with the final results. Montreal Interior Designers may have more connections with suppliers and know how to get things done faster than a decorator might. If you are working with an interior designer, they can also make suggestions for changes to your space that you may not have considered and might be within your budget.

Montreal Home Staging

If you’re looking to sell your home or another property, staging can help to sell it faster or at a higher price than you’d otherwise get. When you have a designer or decorator stage your space, they’ll find items that will create a cohesive look for your space and show it off in the best possible light. You’ll pay a fee to rent the items, and they can be returned once your property is sold. Often this is preferable to leaving your own furniture in the space if it doesn’t portray your home in the best light.

Best Shops for Home Decorating Around Montreal, Quebec

Even if you are working with a designer or decorator, you may want to look at furnishing options yourself, either to get an idea of what’s available or to give your designer a better idea of what types of items and styles you like. Below we’re listing some of the best stores to shop for furniture around Montreal (or online).

  • Kitchen Redesign
  • Bedroom Makeover
  • Bathroom Upgrade
  • Living Room Refresh
  • Patio Upgrade
  • Office Upgrade
  • Kid’s Room Design
  • Garage Makeover


Pricing: Lowest


Pricing: Medium

Design Within Reach

Pricing: High


Pricing: Low


Pricing: Medium

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Pricing: Very High

Interior Decorating Budgets

We mentioned Ikea above for a reason. Even though Ikea is one of the cheapest options for home furniture, the quality can be decent to good, and at a great price to match. Whether you have a very low budget or even a larger budget, their items may still fit the bill. Where you save on buying an Ikea side-table or cabinet, you can invest in a nicer sofa or bedframe.

Virtual Interior Decorating

One of the latest trends online is virtual interior design or online interior design. These services will let you connect with an interior designer over the web, via email and video. You’ll take pictures or video of your space, and they will make suggestions on what would work for your home and put together a list of items.

This type of service can work if you don’t have the budget for an interior designer, as such services may only cost a few hundred dollars. That said, when you hire an interior designer they will be with you every step of the way, will step physically into your space and will connect with you in a way that many virtual services would not.

Montreal Interior Decorating and Staging

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