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Finding an interior designer can be a fair bit of work in and of itself. Of course, you may be able to contact friends and family for recommendations, as referrals are one way that designers get a lot of new business.

Otherwise, you’ll have to look online or in a directory to find designers in your area, read reviews, look at their portfolio and find out any other information you need in order to make your decision.

You’ll want to find a designer in your local area. Whether you live in a neigborhood like Le Plateau, LaSalle, or even off the island of Montreal you will want to find a designer who will be able to work with you closely on your project as opposed to over the phone. You also want a designer who is a member of the APDIQ, one of the provincial associations of the IDC.

Many designers will offer a consult, where they will meet with you or look at your space to determine what you’re looking for and what sort of budget you have. However, many designers will charge for an initial 1-2 hour consult, so even if you decide that they aren’t a great fit for you, you are still out likely more than $100. This can add up if you aren’t sure who you want to work with, and you decide to consult with a number of different designers.

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What is an Appropriate Interior Design Budget?

Your budget needs to be appropriate for the scope of your project or the work required. While you can do a project on a budget, it will affect the quality of the items you will be able to afford, and how large the physical changes to your home can be. Many designers can charge from $80 an hour, up to as high as $500 depending on how well known and in-demand their services are. If you don’t think you can afford an interior designer it might be better to try and tackle your project yourself or look at the rooms set up at an Ikea and choose a set of items that you like which work well together.

Home Interior Design Projects

  • Kitchen Redesign
  • Montreal Bedroom Makeover
  • Bathroom Upgrade
  • Living Room Refresh
  • Quebec Patio Upgrade
  • Office Upgrade
  • Kid’s Room Design
  • Garage Makeover

We Recommend Great Montreal, Quebec Interior Designers

If you’re looking to redo your home or condo, refresh it, or take it to the next level, an interior designer will ensure that you end up with a space you can fall in love with. As fellow Montrealers, we don’t want to see you end up with anything less than the best!

Designing a cohesive look for your home, coordinating contractors, picking and ordering furniture and various pieces for your home, along with organizing delivery and assembly can come together to become a stressful and taxing process. That’s why many people choose to hire a designer to streamline the entire endeavour. Whether you are located in downtown Montreal or nearly anywhere in Quebec, there are local designers ready to work with you!

At North Interior Design Montreal, we work with top interior designers in Quebec who we have personally vetted.¬†Our team has the expertise to recommend you one of the top design experts who will surpass your expectations and be able to over-deliver at your budget! Contact us if you’d like a recommendation for your design project!

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How does a home interior design project work?


When you do hire an interior designer, they’ll want to set a budget for your project, determine the style that you’re looking for, and find out how you use your space. The designers we work with in the greater Quebec area will spend a lot of time finding out what you like, and what your needs are, in order to ensure they have a very good understanding for how to use your budget best.


You’ll likely have to make a deposit for some of the overall budget of your project to both cover the designer’s fees, and for purchases that they may make on your behalf.


Your designer will also begin looking for furniture or items available in Montreal for your home. Pieces that will fit your needs, as well as work cohesively together in terms of style and color.


Your designer will present you with an overall vision of your remade space, the color palette, style, and furniture selection. At this point, you can make some choices about which items you prefer or request changes to the project.


Finally, when you have decided on which items, or work you want to be done on your home, your designer can proceed with the ordering and sourcing process, setting up appointments with tradespeople for any work on your home, and then final delivery and setup. At the end of the process, you will have a beautiful new home interior that matches your style and needs.

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