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Even the most capable experts began their careers as novices at some point, running into fumbles and mistakes that may appear evident to the more experienced. It is no different with home design. Although you may not be looking to become an expert, we all try to make the best possible combination of colors and household products. However, we may not always get it right, and when we realize our follies, this urge to live in a beautiful home drives us to correct it – especially when it comes to decorating a bedroom.

This is a very positive feeling, which is why we have compiled a list of the most common “decorating bedroom mistakes” for your reference. Not only that, but we’re also going to give you some “decorating bedroom tips” that you can use to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Beautifully Designed Bedroom

Messing up the Scale

Have you ever seen a room with a giant wall and a single tiny little painting dead center and thought to yourself: “Well, that looks out of place?”

That is a classic example of a scale problem, when the relative size of elements in the room is way too contrasting, in a way that breaks its overall harmony.

The best way to avoid this mistake is by considering the overall space available when decorating a bedroom.

Big furniture in a small room will make it feel cramped, while small furniture in a bigger room may make it feel either empty or too cluttered.

Having All Your Furniture Against the Walls

Another common mistake people make when decorating a bedroom is putting all your furniture against the walls, leaving a void in the room’s middle.

According to interior designer website DesignerTrapped, this happens due to an intention most people have to make their bedroom feel bigger, with the trade-off of feeling unwelcoming.

To check if this is your case, try pulling your furniture away from the wall just a couple of inches and see how the room feels after that.

The Traps of Wall Decor

When decorating a bedroom wall, people tend to make two specific mistakes: Choosing decorations that are way too small or hanging them too high.

The first mistake, once again, is related to scale. When choosing artwork to hang, you should either pick bigger frames or treat your collection of smaller pieces as one thing, and stick to certain decorating bedroom designs you may have in mind.

As for the positioning, try keeping in mind that ceilings have different heights, and hanging them to be neither too high nor too low.
There is an excellent method for finding this balance, which goes like this:

  • Divide your wall into four equally sized sections divided by lines.
  • Number these sections from top to bottom
  • Place your frame so that its base is aligned with the bottom of the second section.

You can apply this method physically with the help of duct tape, or mentally if you have a good sense of proportions, in the end, you should get the same result.

No Focal Point

The surest hallmark of a well-decorated bedroom is that it has an easily identifiable focus point that can be noticed as soon as you enter the room.

A focal point is a single element to which your eyes naturally wander and pay attention to. It can be a fireplace, a painting, or anything that dominates the environment.

If you have no focal point, or worse, too many, when decorating a bedroom, you will never really have that feeling of harmony that ties the room together.

As a result, your bedroom will feel chaotic and tiring, the exact opposite of what it is supposed to look and feel like.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to start the process of decorating a bedroom by deciding on your focal point and building your project around it.

Starting With the Paint Color

Starting the process of decorating a bedroom by the paint color might seem like a logical first step as it would, in theory, set the tone for the entire decor.

However, that is a common mistake, since it can leave your room a monochromatic mess that will get very tiring on the eyes very fast.

Instead, start by picking that one piece of furniture that makes your heart skip a beat, and you will realize that choosing everything else from there will be much easier.


Maybe you found this article because you felt like there was something wrong with your bedroom, but couldn’t quite tell what you did wrong. Either that or you are on the very first steps of decorating a bedroom and are afraid of making mistakes. No matter which, the best advice we can give you is to accept that sometimes we get something wrong and that there is an opportunity to learn in this. So, do you have any decorating bedroom ideas? Or perhaps some decorating bedroom hacks? Please share in the comments!

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