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Are you thinking about putting your Montreal home up for sale? Well, you need to know how to attract the best potential buyers for your home. That’s where home staging comes in handy. Here are some of the best Montreal home staging tips you should know.

1. Stage The Important Rooms

You don’t need to stage all the rooms in your home so you should focus on the important ones. Make sure you can influence the buyer’s decision by staging the important rooms such as the living room, the kitchen, the master bedroom and the bathrooms. The children’s bedrooms and the guest bedrooms don’t have a huge impact so you can focus less on them.

2. Depersonalize

Remember, home staging allows the potential buyers to see the home as their own. Therefore, you need to give them a blank canvas. Yes, your Montreal home for sale needs to have style and charm but you should remove all the personal items. For instance, you should remove any personal photos, artwork, fridge art and anything else that’s hanged or displayed in the home.

Also, make sure your clothes are stored away and remove everything in the bathroom such as toothbrushes or makeup kits. You need to remove anything that’s religious such as crosses, Bibles or Qurans. That way, when potential buyers walk into your home, they can visualize the empty space with their personal belongings.

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3. De-Clutter

If you are putting up your home for sale, you need to sell the space. Therefore, you need to remove all the clutter present in your home during the staging process. Your home needs to be desirable to the potential buyers so you can throw away what you don’t need and store what is needed.

For instance, make sure your closet doesn’t look too full and overwhelming. Also, you can remove most of your décor and leave a few items that liven up the place. Make sure the bookshelf has a few books rather than your whole library collection. Removing all the unnecessary items makes your home look appealing to the buyers because of the huge space.

4. Clean Everything

You need to deep clean your home before inviting potential buyers to view it. Everything needs to shine and entice the buyers. Clean everything from the ceilings to the walls and the floors. A clean home informs the buyers that you took good care of the property. Make sure everything in the kitchen and the attic or basement is properly cleaned too.

5. Repairs

Are there any holes, scratches or nicks in your Montreal home for sale? Well, you can patch and repair everything during the staging process. Yes, it might cost you a little extra to handle all the repairs but you can increase the total value of your home by doing this. Just keep in mind that the value of Montreal real estate is only forecast to go up!

Remove any scuffs on the walls, fix the porch lights and furniture, repair the front door and fix any broken glass in the windows. If the roof is damaged, you need to hire a roofer to fix it too. Don’t forget about the appliances in your home so hire the right appliance repair professionals to fix them.

With these staging tips, your home will look as good as new!

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