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No doubt you are trying to decide on which Interior Designer you should choose in the Montreal area. I have personally had to look for a local designer before, and found it to be a complicated process. With any luck, our advice here can help make this process easier so you can find the ideal designer that fits your home interior design project.

The first thing you need to do is research designers. You won’t want to waste your time with designers that are difficult to work with or only do interior design as a ‘side gig’. That’s why we compiled a list below of some of our favorite designers in the Montreal area. Any of our recommendations are worth your time to look at further and consider.

Our Top Interior Design Picks:

Upstage Interior Design 
Upstage Interior Design is a leading interior design studio based in Montreal, QC. The company offers high-end, luxury and innovative interior design to discerning clients for residences around the world.

Rebecca Mitchell Interiors
Ranked as one of Montreal’s Top Interior Designers/ Design Studios, Rebecca Mitchell Interiors is a full-service interior design firm with nearly 20 years of experience in the field.

Luxury Interior designer Montréal
Upstage Interior Design, your luxury interior designer. Based in Montreal, we offer discerning clients high-end, luxurious & modern interior design for residences worldwide. Our luxury interior design company composes exceptionally beautiful & inspired interiors that reflect your personal style aesthetic, and address all of your desires so that you can live gracefully in your ideal home.

Versa Style Design | Montreal Interior Design
Interior design experts offering interior design services to the Greater Montreal region. Versa Style Design is a full-service interior design and renovations firm.

Kelli Richards Design
Interior design services for luxury residences and unique commercial spaces. We are a full-service interior design firm meaning that we not only provide interior design services, but we also procure all the items we specify and manage your entire project to completion, ensuring that our high standards of quality are met and every last detail is followed through to the end.

Michel Prete, Montreal Interior Designer
Montreal interior designer Michel Prete, Canadian Award for Best Design “Each project is unique and has a soul of its own. The importance is not to force anything. My job is to understand who this project is, to express its identity, and bring the client’s deepest and unexpressed desires to the surface. Prete Design is a creative lab. It makes dreams become reality.”

Are you looking to expand your search further? be sure to check out Houzz and Yellowpages as well.

Interior Designers Montreal Map

Find some of the best designers including reviews on Houzz:–QC
As one review of Nehama Nahari Design says: “Nehama is a true professional, her designs are practical, well-executed and of course, beautiful!! She follows each step of the project to ensure absolute perfection. I recommend her services!”

YellowPages Top Interior Designers Serving Montreal
They recommend Caroline Bennett Design, who offers a complete service in interior design; from the conception of the design, through the realization of detailed technical plans up to construction site visits and final execution of the project.

Keep in mind there are many more designers you can find in Montreal including on Google Maps as well as Yelp. Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to the ones we’ve listed here.

Also, keep in mind that you’ll likely want to schedule a consult first with any designer you are thinking of using. You may want to do this with a few to decide which feels like the best fit. When booking consults, I found I had a strong favorite that didn’t necessarily match my initial expectations from browsing their website.


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