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When you live on your own, it is easy to get buried in piles of dirty dishes and clothing because no-one is going to see. This does not have to be the way to live as giving your bachelor pad a stylish and organized look is not very hard. While your space may be small, there are a lot of strategies that you can use to make the most of it. You can also choose the right art to make your space pop.

decorating the interior of a bachelor pad and loftPlan Your Art

Planning is something that you should be doing in general when it comes to the interior design of your bachelor pad or any other space. Plan before you start shopping to ensure that you do not end up with something that does not work.

To start planning, you need to think about where your art will be. Are you using it as a focal point for the room or will it be a subtle addition? After choosing the wall the art is going on, you need to take some measurements.

While doing this, take note of plugs and switches that the art should not cover. If you cannot make a hole for your art, you can always use removable command hooks to hang framed art and canvas.

Design: Bigger Will Be Better

Art is a great way to add some character to one’s space and your bachelor pad is no different. A dull room can be transformed with the right piece of artwork on the wall. To make the effect even more dramatic, you should go big.

A young bachelor working from his design office

There are a few ways that you can get the effect of a big piece of art. The first is to choose one oversized piece of art that can make a statement on its own. The alternative is to choose smaller prints that you mix and match to create your own gallery wall. This is a good way to stretch a budget as smaller prints are inexpensive.

Choose Vintage Art

A touch of vintage can be great in your bachelor pad because it offers an intriguing masculine vibe. Vintage art is also affordable and easy to get which is helpful. To add some vintage aesthetics, you can look at a movie poster or original advert from the 90s. A nostalgic feel photo will also do the trick.

Classic Interior Decorating: Go Black And White

If you already have a lot of colors in your bachelor pad, you might not know what to do in terms of the art. The solution is actually simple. All you need to do is look at black and white.

The right black and white art will not only add some masculinity to the room, but it will also be just as dramatic as the colored ones. Black and white photos, hand-sketched images and graphic prints are all options that you can consider. The best thing about this art is the fact that it will not clash with any existing décor.

A open bachelor pad and loft bedroom nicely decoratedMix Your Interior Design Styles

Styles of interior design are not cages and more guidelines that you can use. If there is something that you like, you should feel free to mix the styles together. Adding vintage art to a contemporary space can work as can a modern poster with traditionally designed rooms. When you mix styles, you will add more character to your home and make it something that is uniquely you.

Add Some Texture

The art that you choose does not have to be 2D and there are a lot of 3D options that you can consider. If you want something on the wall, you could look at 2D artwork that offers relief details to add something different to the space. You could also look at 3D wall décor such as wood décor or road signs. If you want to get some visual texture without any actual texture, you could consider brick wallpaper which provides a different feel to your home. There is a ton to learn about interior decorating, and that’s one reason you may want to consider working with a design professional.

Knowing a bit about the art you want to get will make choosing it much easier. Of course, you do not have to stop with the art and could look at a complete bachelor pad makeover as well.

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