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Sprucing up the interior is highly effective in ensuring that your indoors have a certain welcoming charm that has a personalized touch. Playing around with colors is of the ways homeowners can achieve a picture-perfect home interior design.

Decorating the house to give it a new life is something everyone desires for their place. The home is a place where people spend much of their life, and thus they always want to see it exude positive vibes. And what echoes different vibes better than colors? It may sound like a straightforward thing, but switching up the interior design of the house is something that many homeowners find tasking. They are often afraid of trusting their style intuition and will find themselves battling between what their brain says and the heart wants.

How To Use Colors In Interior Decorating Alone

Regarding the use of colors, the most straightforward approach to ensure that you get everything right is to have a color scheme and then work with the colors in the ratio of 6:3:1; where:

• 60% is décor has a dominant color

• 30% of a secondary color

• 10% of an accent color

With that ration, your decorating result will have a hue of 60% that has a unifying effect for the color scheme, 30% that spurs visual interest, and 10% that brings in some bit of pizazz. To achieve this, below are some creative ways off achieve such a vibe in the home décor design using colors.

How to bring out emotions with color

You can capture a feeling with the right use of color.

1. Create Emotions

People associate different colors with different emotions. A particular color can be used to represent something. For instance, yellow can echo the warmth of the sun or blue to bringing in the calming sensation of the seas or sky. Therefore, consider the emotional associations of the colors and find ways to bring out their greatest effects in the décor.

2. Establish Some Contrast

When it comes to high contrasts in doing decors, areas with such a setup tend to appear brighter and more defined than those that have low color and pattern contrasts. The balanced use of dark and light values of the various shades of choice will help achieve a contract that is unique to the home interior design and set up.

With the right blend of colors you can have perfect flow. Living room example

3. Color Flow

Since the objective is to have an indoor space that has a vibrant décor, then there has to be a flow of color from one room to the next. One of the effective ways of achieving this is by choosing a hue for one room and then restating it differently in the next. For instance, the use of aqua blue can be dominant in the living room, but then utilized in a subtle amount in the dining room on this such as the seat fabrics or the window drapes.

4. Blend The Walls With The Furniture

More often than not, people get it wrong with the home interior design because they do not try to find a union between the furniture and walls. The colors and patterns you pick for the walls should complement that of the furniture pieces as well as accessories. Also, finding a balanced blend between the two can help create a subdued and calm setting that is ideal for resting. For such décor, consider using mustard yellows, browns or russets. For instance, the walls can have a touch of yellow and then russets and browns in the furniture to add a visual interest and accents of aqua added using drapes, rugs, and indoor accessories.

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