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Ensure your space is appropriate for all seasons

If you’re considering a decorating or interior design project for  your home, something to think about is how your space will work with our Canadian seasons. In Montreal, Quebec, and most of Canada, we have quite a varied climate, and you’ll want your home to reflect that. Hawaiian decor isn’t going to have quite the right feel in the middle of a -30 degree winter, after all.

When designing your space, you want to ensure it’s adaptable. This can include not only the look of your space, but also usability. For instance, you’ll want to account for dirty shoes covered in slush and salt with a runner rug in your entryway, or appropriate storage solutions for that winter gear. When it’s cold and rainy outside, you’ll want to have a nice cozy living area with something warm to snuggle under.

Besides that, be careful of choosing colors that may be more applicable to one season. Autumn invites yellows, oranges and reds, but these colors may not feel right in the spring and summer. Furniture in neutral colors that you can pair with smaller (and cheaper) seasonal touches are a good idea. For instance, a grey sofa can then be decorated and accented with different colored pillows or coverings depending on your mood.

Also remember that what’s currently in fashion can quickly change, and some of the latest trends may look dated quickly, so stick with styles that will stand the test of time if you don’t want to regularly be buying new items.

Some pieces can easily be changed to fit the season. For instance, a vase can be used for bright flowers in the spring, then autumn leaves and branches in the fall, and holly and wintery decorations around Christmas. How much time you want to spend of these seasonal changes will probably depend on how much entertaining you do and the amount of time you’re prepared to spend on your home.

Need some inspiration? House Beautiful highlights some of the latest Autumn and Winter 2018 design trends.

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